Getting Started.

What is a Curator?

What are Curators and what’s their incentive? Find out!

Risks of being a Curator

Are there risks involved with being a Curator? Learn more.

The Basics for Curation GeniusesCurators

Introduction to Bonding Curves

What is a bonding curve and how is it used for token issuance?


Cryptoeconomic Primitives

What are cryptoeconomic primitives and how are they used?

Curation Markets in The Graph Network

What are Curation Markets and what are their core components?

Curation Shares in The Graph Network

The Graph enables curators to mint curation shares in order to signal on subgraphs.

Curation FAQs

Frequently asked questions about curation and being a Curator

Curation How-to’s.

Curating a Subgraph

Step-by-step tutorial on how to signal a subgraph.


Step-by-step tutorial on how to unsignal from a subgraph.

Curation Insights.

Curation Math

Curation in-depth and the math behind Curation

Verifying a Subgraph

Guide on verifying subgraphs and estimating query traffic

Verifying a Subgraph

In this video, you’ll learn how to properly verify a subgraph

Signaling a Subgraph

Step-by-step video tutorial on how to signal a subgraph.

Curation Tricks.

Verifying if Webpage Queries Subgraph

Check which subgraph a website queries

Recovering GRT from Deprecated Subgraph

Here’s how you can get your GRT back

Subgraph Verification Cheat Sheet

Learn how to verify the legitimacy of a subgraph

Subgraph Evaluation Cheat Sheet

Learn how to verify the quality of a subgraph