Thrive in a Dynamic Environment.

What’s Your Mission in the Network?

Participating in The Graph Network is easy and there is a role for everyone. We help you to find your mission and provide you the resources to excel as a Graphtronaut!



Delegators stake GRT tokens by selecting Indexers and delegating to them to earn passive income

  • Easy and non-technical
  • Low risks
  • No time investment necessary
  • No need to operate your own node
  • Key role to main network security



Curators stake GRT in order to indicate Indexers which subgraphs should be prioritized

  • Higher earnings potential
  • Knowledge to evaluate subgraphs

  • Bonding curve understanding
  • More elaborate strategies
  • Higher risk level than Delegators



Indexers operate nodes in The Graph Network to earn indexing rewards and query fees

  • Experienced node operators
  • Comfortable running clusters
  • Highest earnings potential

  • Heavy server configurations
  • Required funds of 100k+ GRT


Developers build subgraphs or use The GraphQL API for their dApps

  • Build next level dApps
  • Subgraphs for your indexing needs
  • Create a radically better Internet

  • Get started with open APIs