Advanced Indexer Strategies

Evaluating Subgraphs

Indexers will be able to gain competitive advantages by applying advanced strategies to evaluate subgraphs in regards to their revenue potential. As of now, this is not yet possible as there is only one supgraph to index.

Please note: This section is a work in progress as curation is not live yet. We will add documentation as soon as Indexers can select various subgraphs to index.

Indexers that are interested in understanding how subgraphs work are recommended to have a look at the Developer Knowledge Hub for more information.

Metrics to Evaluate Subgraphs.

Curation Signal
Historical Data
Total Stake Allocated


There are three key metrics to evaluate subgraphs:

  • Curation signal
  • Historical data like qery fees collected
  • Total stake allocated

More detailed strategies will follow as indexing individual subgraphs will become available.

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