Why Participate in Governance?

Make Your Voice Heard.

The Graph Network stands for a vibrant decentralized future. Its decentralized governance puts power into the hands of community members to ensure stability and progress in the ecosystem. To make the governance process a success, it needs to be supported by a sufficiently large community of participants. Here’s how your voting power is calculated.

Cast your vote today and make your voice heard.


Video Tutorial

Snapshot Voting Video Guide

This step-by-step guide on governance voting via Snapshot is also available as a video:

Voting on a Proposal in 3 Simple Steps.

Using Snapshot for participating in The Graph’s governance process is uncomplicated, user-friendly and does not cost gas. We’ll show you how it all works in the following step-by-step guide. Cast your vote without paying any gas at all and be a part of The Graph’s Governance!


Finding the proposal

Head over to The Graph’s official Snapshot page and locate the proposal you want to vote on


Connecting to Snapshot

Connect your wallet to Snapshot and you’re good to go. MetaMask is supported among many others


Casting your vote

Decide which option you want to vote for and sign the vote with your wallet


Step 1 – Finding the Proposal

Head over to Snapshot and find The Graph’s space where proposals are submitted (or use this URL).


After you’ve navigated to the proposal page, find the proposal you want to vote on.


Step 2 – Connecting to Snapshot with your wallet

In order to cast your vote, you need to connect your wallet to Snapshot. To make your vote count, make sure that you use the wallet where all your GRT tokens are stored.


Once you are connected, selected the proposal and scroll down to the section where it says Cast Your Vote


Step 3 – Casting your vote

Decide what you want to vote on and select the option.


Confirm your vote in the next step:


After this, sign the Signature Request and you’ve successfully casted your vote for the first time!



Fantastic! You’ve learned how to cast your vote to take part in The Graph’s Governance.