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The Subgraph Uncrashable Tool

Prevent unnecessary issues caused by bugs in your subgraph

Introduction to Subgraph Uncrashable

Tl;dr our framework generates helper functions from your project’s GraphQL schema that make common subgraph bugs impossible.

Subgraphs built on this framework won’t crash unless you want them to.

Subgraph Uncrashable by Float is a code generation tool that integrates with any subgraph and ensures continuous uptime of your subgraph by making your subgraph uncrashable 🚀

Why integrate with Subgraph Uncrashable?


Subgraph Uncrashable is available as a standalone npm package or using the Graph CLI as an optional flag.

Graph CLI

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Run the graph uncrashable codegen via the Graph CLI:

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Standalone npm package


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Run the graph uncrashable codegen as a standalone package:

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