Participation Roles.

The Graph Network is a vibrant ecosystem in which participants can contribute in several meaningful ways. Depending on a user’s technical skills (or a lack thereof) and their individual risk tolerance, they can select from several roles in The Graph Network.

Each role caters to a different user group, ranging from investors and non-technical users to sophisticated node operators. Participants in the network can choose between these roles: Indexer, Curator and Delegator.


Delegator requirements specification.

What does it take to become a Delegator?

Technical skills


Time investment


Required funds

low to medium

Risk level


What is a Delegator?

Delegators play a key role in maintaining the security and decentralization of The Graph Network. They participate in the network by delegating (i.e., “staking”) GRT tokens to one or multiple Indexers. Indexers are node operators that index and serve data through so called “subgraphs” (open APIs). By doing so, Indexers earn indexing rewards and query fees payed by data consumers like Uniswap. Without Delegators, Indexers are less likely to earn rewards and fees. Therefore, Indexers seek to attract Delegators by offering them a portion of the indexing rewards and query fees that they earn.

Delegators, in turn, select Indexers based on a number of different variables, such as past performance, indexing reward rates and query fee cuts but also reputation within the community.


The Delegator role is an excellent way to get started in the network and is especially suitable for investors that wish to earn a passive income

  • easy and non-technical

  • low risks
  • no investment of time
  • no need to operate your own node

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