The theory behind…

Calculating Expected Returns.

Let’s have a look how expected returns on The Graph Network are calculated in theory. You can skip right ahead if you want to see the reward calculation in practice.

Factors that determine delegation return.


Calculating Indexer Rewards

If you want to calculate your expected indexing rewards by hand, you can use this formula:

Your GRT delegated to Indexer

Total GRT delegated to Indexer

Total indexing rewards of Indexer

100% – Rewards cut percentage

Calculating Query Fees

The formula for calculating expected query fees is as follows:

Your GRT delegated to Indexer

Total GRT delegated to Indexer

Total query fees of Indexer

100% – Fee cut percentage

Reward calculation in practice

Reward Calculators.

There’s no need for you to calculate expected rewards per hand. Simply use one of the available calculators.


An easy to use calculator is provided by Simply enter your planned delegation, click calculate and see an estimate of your APY and your estimate daily returns in GRT for each indexer.


Simplified reward calculator.

Proudly brought to you by The Graph Academy

We’ve created an easy-to-use calculator that shows you how much GRT you can earn per day with each indexer. The spreadsheet also has a functionality that shows you after how many days of delegating you break even.

Calculate your rewards

Enter the amount of GRT you wish to delegate and head over to the sheet called Reward Calculator and you will see your potential delegation rewards for each indexer.

Indexer reward comparison


Excellent! You have now gained a thorough understanding on how to calculate expected returns as a delegator on The Graph Network. Use the available calculators to your advantage so that you can better compare the profitability of Indexers with each other.

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