We’re excited to announce The Graph Academy Certificates! We have prepared a selection of courses about The Graph designed to help you learn more about the protocol and its ecosystem.


The Graph Academy Certificates

Master The Graph.

The Graph Academy is all about education and learning more about The Graph. Our courses are designed to help you in getting started with The Graph and to broaden your knowledge about the ecosystem. And as a reward for learning more, you get a custom certificate.

Please note: The certificate courses of The Graph Academy are freely accessible to anyone without charge. However, you need to register a free account with our website in order to receive a customized certificate.

Get started.

Register an account or login as guest

To register a free account or to login as a guest, visit the course you are interested in and click on “Start now” and “Sign up”

Course overview

For an overview of all live courses, have a look at the overview page that lists the academy’s courses: thegraph.academy/courses

Getting an account.

Getting started is simple, simply do the following:

  1. Visit the overview page for all live courses on thegraph.academy/courses
  2. Select a course you are interested in by clicking on it
  3. Click on Start now
  4. Click on Sign up
  5. Enter your details
  6. Confirm with Place order (all our courses are free and will always be free!)
  7. Click on the course you have ordered (or visit the overview page with all courses and click on the course you have ordered)
  8. Click on Curriculum
  9. Click on the first lesson of the course to start


Video walk-through.


  • Curator Course

    This course is designed to help you learn everything you need to know about Curators and their role in The Graph Network

  • The Graph Intro Course

    Learn everything you need to know about The Graph Network. This course is designed to introduce you to The Graph and to help you in becoming familiar with its architecture.